This set will hold your 1/4 set of Grapat Lola (3 colours). Choose from 'Full Board' where each piece has its very own space and 'Space Saver' with 9 holes for the tubes. Made from locally grown solid Sycamore, the wood is left 'raw', unwaxed leaving it velvety white. ** the photo above shows 'full board' fitting half a set of Lola. More photos to follow. **Please note that each piece will vary in colour and grain pattern. **Lola pieces not included. **the trays are not affiliated with Grapat itself Approximate size: Full Board: 24.3x15.1x3cm Space Saver: 14.1x14.1x3cm UKCA & CE certified for 0+ Reccomended age 10 months plus.

1/4 set Grapat Lola Storage Tray (full board)