• This set will hold your full set of Grapat Lola (all 12 colours). Choose from 'Full Board' where each piece has its very own space (55.5cm wide!) and 'Space Saver' with 36 holes for the tubes.  
    Made from locally grown solid Sycamore, the wood is left 'raw', unwaxed leaving it velvety white. 
    ** the photo above shows 'full board' fitting a full set Lola. 
    **Please note that each piece will vary in colour and grain pattern.
    **Lola pieces not included.
    **the trays are not affiliated with Grapat itself
     Approximate size:
    Full Board: 55.5x24.2x3cm
    Space Saver: 27.5x27.5x3cm 
    Current turnaround is 4 weeks.
    UKCA & CE certified for 0+Reccomended age 10 months plus.

    (full set) Grapat Lola Storage Tray