Make the natural beauty of the wood pop.

Handmade from raw linseed oil - one of very few hardening oils, carnauba wax-the toughest wax in the world, finished off with a hint of Italian lemons.


It's non toxic and food safe with no added solvents, making it perfect for toys but also chopping boards, wooden worktops and so much more. It's a great moisturiser too!


Handmade item.

Made to order.


Eh71-3 Certified


Please note that change in colour of the wood is to be expected after the application.


How to use: With a clean cloth, rub it into the wood using circular motion. Remember, little goes a really long way. You can leave it to soak in, then wipe the excess off. Approximate curing time is 3 weeks.


To dowload En71-3 certificate please follow the link below

Natural Wood Butter (Certified)