• The smallest wooden rainbow yet
    Choose from two options:
    -The Snuggly having the arches really quite tight which means the rainbow itself is really tiny.
    -The Interchangeable would have larger gaps between the arches making it interchangeable, this means having it just slightly bigger than The Snuggly.
    They are cut freehand from solid birch and come unfinished so you can paint, apply some wood butter on or simply leave as is.
    Approximate size:
    w5.5cm x h2.8cm x d2.2cm for The Snuggly
    w6.2cm x h3.2cm x d2.2cm The Interchangeable
    Please note that those rainbows are for adults only and aren't a toy. The arches are 2mm thin at times and aren't design to withstand a rough play. If you wish to purchase one for your child, please consider The Midi Rainbow.
    Photos kindly provided by Sara from @egoph0bia

    Wooden Micro Rainbow